What is MP3 Running ?

Like all good ideas, the concept is very simple. We have created powerful running music tracks for a running experience that will keep you energized, engaged and totally motivated throughout your running session.

This is not just music you run to – MP3 Running music tracks are designed to match your running pace so you can lock in the to grove and get carried by the music.

Virtual Running Coach:

Would it not be great if you had a running coach that provides tips during your workout? The virtual running coach guides and accompanies you throughout your running journey and offers you invaluable running tips . Having your virtual coaching right there with you is a huge benefit in assisting you in overcoming motivational struggles.

We are consistently receiving emails from running and joggers around the world that love our running music tracks. It makes us happy and truly proud that we have created a product that so many people love and use on a regular bases  to keep themselves motivated and in shape.

“Mp3 Running Tracks kept me going some months now, and I am addicted to them!”

Hi, Thank you so much for MP3 Running! The three tracks, I have downloaded, have kept me going some months now, and I am addicted to them! 🙂 I’d like to know, whether and when will the new tracks, advertized on your sites, be available? I am really looking forward to them!

Saila in Tampere


How are the tracks organized?

You can download tracks with or without coaching. Each session starts out with a nice warm up phase that leads you to your perfect running rhythm. The tracks gently intensive thu out the running experience while your virtual running coach (optional) will give you useful tips and guidance thru out your workout. MP3 Running tracks are available in 30, 45 and 60 minute durations.

Example of a 30 minute track:

The “Free Run Zone”

To accommodate both, experienced runners and casual joggers , we have created the “Free Run Zone” where you can either continue running or walk, depending on your level of fitness. The music eases up a bit but continues to drive you forward.


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